tattoo light

As well as filming I also enjoy taking stills. Its a different way of working but I think if you have an eye for the shot then it doesn’t matter what machine you have in front of you.

tattoo doublePhoto: Artist Toby Gawler laying down some ink

I helped out my friends Greg and Jacob with these production stills as they filmed a promo for Unit9 Films on behalf of client Hewlett Packard.

shoesPhoto: View from the location towards the City of London

Based around a live event, pre-registered members of the public could turn up to a customised shipping container near the Truman Brewery in East London, and compete to either get a real tattoo or an HP printer and a lifetime supply of ink….so either way its ink for life! See what they did there : )

heart tattooPhoto: Blood and Ink, Toby Gawler hard at work

heart tattoPhoto: The finished product

artist 1Photo: Portrait of tattoo artist Toby Gawler

birdPhoto: A fresh tattoo courtesy of HP

artist 2Photo: Portrait of tattoo artist Laura Gascoyne

artist 3Photo: Tattoo artist Courtney Lloyd